"My approach to intervention is rooted in respect for child development and focuses on making the mundane meaningful, looking at daily interactions as opportunities for learning and growth while respecting the uniqueness of the individual and family. It’s about setting high expectations for long term quality of life and relationships for individuals on the spectrum and implementing a specific and doable plan to get there one step at a time.”
– Lauren Wilson, LCSW, RDI® Program Certified Consultant

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sunday Quotables: Marilyn Monroe on Failure

"Just because you fail at once, doesn't mean you're going to fail at everything."
-Marilyn Monroe

As soon as I read this I thought of many individuals on the spectrum that I have had the privilege of knowing for whom this was not true.  Who saw one failure as a sign that they could not succeed and also took it as a deep personal failure- which led them to be resistant to trying anything new- because what if... what if they failed?  

I think frequently of what it must be to live in a state of perpetual fear of failure.  It would be debilitating.  I once tried to count how many times our toddler fell down and failed in one day- I lost count.  Failure is a normal part of daily life.  Without healthy amounts of failure we never learn and experience triumph and resilience- critical for life, balance and wellbeing.

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