"My approach to intervention is rooted in respect for child development and focuses on making the mundane meaningful, looking at daily interactions as opportunities for learning and growth while respecting the uniqueness of the individual and family. It’s about setting high expectations for long term quality of life and relationships for individuals on the spectrum and implementing a specific and doable plan to get there one step at a time.”
– Lauren Wilson, LCSW, RDI® Program Certified Consultant

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Survey Participants Needed


A doctoral candidate on the Big Island is looking for research participants.

Here is a bit about the study:

Research Purpose

Understanding the effects of advocacy training on the perceived self-efficacy and parental stress in parents of children diagnosed with autism could provide compelling evidence that parents need advocacy training to protect their mental health.  Healthy parents promote a healthy family system that benefits all children.  Such a link may also provide evidence for the need to make advocacy training more accessible for parents who are new to caring for their child diagnosed with autism.  This study was expected to provide valuable information for parents of children diagnosed with autism as well as those involved in providing assistance and training for these parents.  If the study found a decrease in parental stress and an increase in perceived self-efficacy in parents of children diagnosed with autism who participated in Wrightslaw Advocacy Training (WLAT), it could measure the benefits of such advocacy training programs.  

Perceived self-efficacy is the belief in one’s personal abilities to complete a task.  It is more concerned with the judgment of how well one can perform rather than how well one actually performs.  

Find out more or particpate here:  http://www.autismparentresearch.com/index.html

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